Meeting Minutes 21 April


Extended Leave; Betsy Lilley, John Bilboe

Guests; Matthew McMaugh

Visiting Rotarians;

International Toast: No International Toast was proposed

Peter advised the meeting that ANZAC Day was next week and handed the meeting over to Brian.

Brian gave a short talk paying our respects to those that have been killed and wounded in wars that Australia have been involved in. These figures of 102,674 men and women killed in those conflicts should be a reminder to never have war again. A minutes silence was then held to reflect on what has been in the past and those losses and look for a way forward to world peace. After the silence the “Ode” was read to the members.

Peter then informed members that John Bilboe and family were having a very difficult time with all the Specialist appointments for his son that Peter was taking him to.
Peter also told us that Betsy Lilley has a new Knee and is currently having rehabilitation for that operation.

Peter then raised two important pieces of information for discussion amongst the members. The first was about finances with emphasis on our current fees and what they are spent on. Elaine had prepared a break down on costs that the club must pay before anything else happens. These expense were “core costs” and “core costs”. An example of this is Rotary International Fees are “core costs’ and IMB bank charges are “non core costs” but still must be paid. The bottom line is that the club must pay $328.94 for each member, and this is very conservative because Australia Day costs and Rotary Presidential donation of $100.00 per member is also paid. Membership clarified a number of points but were satisfied of where the money is spent. Thank you Elaine.

The second matter was the introduction of a “Memorandum of Understanding” for the use of our club, with donations being given out to various organisations. The Memorandum states the responsibilities of both partners including an annual review of the partnership and an audit of where the money was spent. This memorandum also includes the cross advertising of both organisations increasing the possibilities of both organisations getting new members and support as a result. The Memorandum will also state a period of time, for example three years, shorter or longer, which will give the organisation a certainty of funds for a set period. This will enhance their planning and give our members a time frame to see where the raised money is spent and the good that it does. There was some discussion and then the Memorandum was supported by the club.

Brian then raised that the Board supported that Dream Big Dance become the first Organisation to enter into this Memorandum for three years and club members voted to support that motion unanimously.

The President then informed us that Swing into Wings had sold 95 tickets already and asked members that are going to register on the site as soon as possible.

The Murder Mystery night organised by St. Mary’s girls is on 5th May. This is not a late night so please can all members support this event.

The Raffle was won by Bill Wessel who collected a bottle of wine.

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