President’s report – 2nd to 8th April



Mission Australia has 5 op Shops and have a number of clothing bins within the Illawarra.  Our guest speaker Jenny Hirst, Business Development Manager explained that Op shops have come a long way in recent years. They’ve had makeovers. They’ve embraced the dark art of visual merchandising. They’ve even got their own social media account.

Jenny said “you still need stamina to trawl through the racks, but op shopping is affordable, ethical and fun. 5 great reasons to go OP SHOPPING   Firstly, it supports charity.  Every dollar you spend goes directly to people in need, provides local jobs and volunteering opportunities’ .

Secondly, it’s a hipster haven Love the thrill of the chase? Op shops are the perfect hunting ground for elusive fashion treasures. You’ll be surprised at the vintage beauties and designer brands lurking there.

Thirdly, it offers variety Op shops are full of the deliciously bizarre and the tastelessly mundane. Whether you’re after clothes or home wares, there are always hidden gems to be found.  Fourthly, it saves you money.  If you are a creative soul on a budget, op shopping is for you. Finding a Gucci handbag at a bargain price is a bit like winning the Lotto.

Fifthly, it’s environmentally friendly.  By recycling your things, you are reducing landfill and CO2 emissions. None of your valuable donations go to waste. Any unwearable clothing is cut down and sold as cleaning rags.

Jenny explained that 6 months’ worth of clothing donated into 1 donation bin equates to approximately $5000, which can create a traineeship for a young, unemployed jobseeker 1 shopping bag of clothing equates to approximately $8, which can put a meal on a family’s table 1full donation bin equates to approximately $160, which can provide necessities for a family who are homeless.

Jenny also told us of second hand computers that Mission Australia has had donated to them.  Each computer is checked to ensure it operates (turns on/off).  Than each computer is refurbished by reformatting the hard disk and a licence version of windows is installed.  Additional Microsoft products are also installed.


Rowan Huxtable, Betsy Lilly, Isla Bowen, Michael Yabsley




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