Presidents report – 5th to 11th February


An adventure of a life time, expressed energetically and with a heap of enthusiasm was Rowan as he detailed his walk along Larapinta Trail.

The Larapinta trail adventure was presented with vibrant energy and heaps of enthusiasm supported with striking photos.  Rowan Huxtable gave a great description of his walk of a lifetime along this beautiful track.

The Larapinta Trail follows the spine of the West MacDonnell range and has some challenging stages, passing over remote ridges and canyons.  The trail follows in the footsteps of the land’s traditional owners and early explorers.

During this traverse of the inspiring Larapinta Rowan and his walking companions were carrying their pack with their daily needs of food,water, sleeping gear and tent, which adds to the feeling of accomplishment.  Camping is possible along the entire trail. Most of the designated campsites have rainwater tanks

Rowan said that drinking water is available at most of the designated campsites. These water tanks are maintained by Northern Territory Parks & Wildlife Rangers.  Carrying water was important as there were some challenging stages as you pass over remote ridges and canyons, walking up to 15kms on some days.

One of the many highlights was sleeping under the stars.  It was so peaceful. Rowan loved climbing the large rocks in the river beds.  Camping is possible along the trail. Most of the designated campsites have rainwater tanks.  Rowan said “the trek involves 6 – 7 hours walking each day over rugged terrain with some steep ascents and descents”.

Whilst navigation is not overly difficult, the terrain is at times challenging. Very rocky under foot, the trail is occasionally overgrown with Spinifex which can be painful as you brush past.  Carrying tape to repair your walking boots was also recommended.

Rowan said “on the fauna and flora front, the trail is lined with beautiful wild flowers and a variety of other trees and plants that only enhance its character. Sharp eyed hikers will also have the opportunity to spot dingos and rock wallabies keeping watch amongst the high cliffs and dozens of unique species of birds too.”

Thanks Rowan for sharing your walking experience of the Larapinta Trail.

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