Presidents report – 26th February to 4th March

Jean Thompson is a member of the Rotary club of Corrimal.  Jean along with her colleagues has recently returned from a visit to Nepal to review the progress of the financial support given to the poor after the earthquake 2015.

With dismay we listened to Jean with dismay of the terrible effects from the earthquake that rocked Nepal’s remote area.  A sense of hardship that these effected people can be seen from several photos presented.  The only access road and many cases the path to their village has been destroyed which isolated the villagers and left them freezing in their makeshift shelters.

Jean showed the progress from funds left in the capable hands of the local Rotary partners of the rebuilding.  Prior to the earthquake the rural homes were built from local rocks and as can be imagined they crumbled in the earthquake.  Many of the rebuilt homes have used bricks for their cladding and corrugated iron for the roofing.

Nepal is known for its beautiful Himalayan Mountains, deep valleys, and richly flowing streams – but many of its water sources are contaminated with naturally occurring arsenic. Part of Jean’s mission was to see the progress of a deep water well construction.

Jean has been involved in the funding of an orphanage in Nepal and currently there are 65 children living in the care of this orphanage.  Jean described the establishment of a microcredit program in Nepal and the training of women in sewing skills.  Another microcredit project just commenced involves giving goats and pigs to poor women in rural villages to help them become independent.

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