President’s Report – 19th to 25th February

WOW Philippines Mission

The report presented by members of the Philippines team is of a land of contrast in all aspect The obvious contrast is wealth and the implications it has.  The population of the Philippines is 103 Million people.  According to official figures from National Statistical Coordination Board, 27.5 million live below the poverty line.

You can hear, smell and see poverty within a community and there is no relief from poverty as well.  The people in this bubble live every day of their lives trapped by the relentless pressures of trying to exist in a pressure cooker caused by heat, humidity, social pressures and just day to day existence.
There are few social welfare programs within the Philippines and these services are swamped.  Yet with a smile on their face moms and dads go out and live the best life they can.  This smile reveals their true physical and dental health.
For the past 2 weeks our club members joined with partner Rotary clubs of Glenhaven, Murrumburrah Harden and Metro Bacolod in giving computers to educational institutes and professional services such as dental and medical to the poor freely.
Two locations were chosen. Firstly a blind community located in Bacolod City on the Island of Negros. The blind community has 47 families with an estimate of 250 people ranging from 0 to the elderly.Secondly, further south to Sipalay City.  Families lived in little tiny dwellings with rusted corrugated roofing, flimsy cladding on the walls and most had dirt floors.  Hand pumps are used to obtain water for washing and cleaning.
At both locations people needed dental and medical attention.  For many hours per day teeth were pulled, medical consultations given and triage took place.  Medication and advice was given to people who had no means of paying for such a service.

Well done to our Philippine team for a tremendous service provided to the poor.  Rotarians serving humanity.

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  1. Great report of the Philippines events. Well done team in all your activities.

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