President’s report – 27th November till 3rd December


The first half of the Rotary year is nearly over as the 16th of December; our family Christmas Party will be our last meeting for 2016.  Good news, we will re commence on the 13th January, 2017.  Convention will be followed and it will be a social evening.  All will be revealed as to the place and time of our first meeting.

This week has been busy and although I have said it many times; we are a busy club with our fund raising for our community.  Last Sunday, saw 6 of us at Kemble Grange Racecourse selling our Christmas Raffle tickets.  The volume of sales was good for a Sunday.  The man in the booth selling race guides to the public told us that Sunday’s are usually slow.

We were kept busy on and off during the 2 hours we were selling our Christmas Raffle tickets.  The outcome was a good result for the 2 hours effort, well done to the team.  Afterwards we were invited to enjoy a smorgasbord lunch with the board of directors of Kemble Grange Racecourse.  Thank you to Peter De Vries and the board members for the invitation to join them for lunch.

Last Friday’s meeting was great.  Firstly, we received a banner and £1,000 from our Rotary Friend Jean Smith on behalf of Rotary Club Seaton and a district matching grant.  The money will be used for a water purification project in the Philippines.

Secondly, I had the pleasure of presenting a certificate of appreciation to Rotarian Peter Hill.  Peter has done a great job all of this year with the coordination of guest speakers.

Thirdly, we had as our guest speakers 3 people who are currently studying at Wollongong University.  These 3 speakers and approximately 30 fellow students have revitalised a fund raising club called Encactus, which is part of the Wollongong University, student run club.

The 3 speakers described how they design a business model that helps the community socially, economically or environmentally.  Usually try to do all three at once,” they said.  It was encouraging just to listen to their vision of helping the community. The 3 came to seek our support with ideas for fund raising and activities that benefit the community.

As I listened to them I thought:

  • Fantastic to see students wanting to do good in the community,
  • The willingness to be personally involved as a team,
  • The courage to come and ask for support from our club,
  • Fantastic to see one of our former Interacts being a leader in this student run club.

There is an opportunity here to be involved with this Enactus Club in a joint collaboration in a future fundraising event.

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