Presidents’ report – 30th October to 5 November

Fellow Rotarians, it is fantastic to be club President, we have a great opportunity and a strong willingness to grow our club.  Last Friday we watched a video from Rotary District 9640 titled ‘Young people Want to Join Rotary’.  It was an interesting video for two reasons:

  1. There are many different topic areas that can be viewed on youtube. We do not have to have a guest speaker standing out front.  As was demonstrated, a mobile phone can provide a presenter from anywhere in this world on a given topic.
  2. Great to see this topic of attracting the next generation to the Rotary organisation being intelligently discussed.

The two presenter’s brought to the attention of the audience several key issues as listed below:

  • Look at our traditions, as some tradition is important, but too much time spent on these rituals may prevent a younger member from feeling at home in your club.
    • Saying Rotary grace,
    • Having our fine session,
    • Singing our national anthem.
  • Update how and when to talk about Rotary, choosing the right communication channels for your club is equally important.
    • Web page,
    • Facebook,
  • Examine our fees, we might also consider offering reduced dues to younger members for their first year or years depending on their financial position.
  • Provide alternatives to attendance, members in our club often travel for work, plus we have family or other personal commitments that vie for their time.
  • Involve young people early, involve new members in club projects right from the start.
    • Assign them mentors in the club to ensure that they feel valued,
    • Seek their input
  • Plan events that members can attend easily.
    • Convenient locations which are central for everyone,
    • Convenient times which suite people.

Thank you for the good discussion time after the video as it was constructive, positive and relevant to our future of the Club.  This week we have our Race Day and I look forward to seeing your there.