President’s report – 23rd till 29th October

Rowan and company went to Orange to help the Rotary Club of North Orange with a food stall for the annual Orange Field Days.  Big event these field days for a country City like Orange.  Rowans report can be viewed on our web page.  I have given a brief summary as follows:

Every year my Dad’s rotary club (North Orange) does a food stall at the Orange Field Days as their main fundraiser.  This year Theresa and I went to orange with several friends including Lee Furness and Bob Laing.

We give them a hand with their food stall.  Rowan said “It’s a bit like doing the breakfast on the beach.  We served bacon and egg rolls, steak sandwiches, hot chips etc”.  Our group were billeted with the Rotarians from Orange.

Halloween was a great success. Thanks go to the organiser of the evening. About 50 plus people attended the evening and many people dressed t for the occasion. The students from TAFE Illawarra Institute, food school did a splendid job from the cooking to table service, well done.  Pictures of the event are also on our web page.

Friday’s meeting was a Club Assembly.  Elaine De Vries gave a report on Race Day.  Our Major sponsorship is down as we only have 3 major sponsors this year and several minor sponsors.

John Bilboe gave an account of the Philippines project.  John said ‘on Saturday 15th October we went to Sydney and helped the Rotary Club of Glenhaven to pack boxes ready for shipping to the Philippines’.  John and Margret and Rhys and Janice were part of the team to go to Sydney.

Rowan gave an account of the membership committee and reminded Club members that there is a gender imbalance with an all male committee.  One of the tasks was to develop an online Poll.  This is a simple question and can be viewed on our web page.