Philippines 2016

The Philippines Mission is calling us back again. This is our 12th year.  I know we said “not again” but we hear the call to assist one more time.  I know how Jonah felt when he said “don’t send me”.   This year we have a team of 25 brave souls made up of 2 Doctors, 2 dentists, teachers, nurses and some general helpers.

The plan is to carry out two medical and dental outreaches taking a few days each. One in a blind village of 50 families and the other in a town called Sipalay which is on the south west coast below Bacolod, which is our home base.

Further work will be done in our original village of Kabugwason as the community centre needs a repaint and repairs to the security fencing.  In the blind village we plan to install a water system as the current deep water well has dried up and the pump has burnt out.

We have sorted, packed then sent over 56 boxes which have 75 computers, medical and dental equipment, educational, toys and assortment of children school uniforms and general clothes.   We were given new uniforms, hats, etc. from two schools in Sydney

Today we received an email from Pastor Albert and wife Kim who are deaf and run a dormitory for 13 girls and 9 boys who are deaf and some have other disabilities.  They attend the local schools for blind and deaf students and live there due to their families being too far away.  Some were found as “street children”.  They are asking for help in re-roofing the boys “garage” dormitory due to leaks and the bedding, mattresses, pillows we purchased a few years ago are due for renewing if possible.

They are paying a mortgage/rent back on the building as Kim’s family in Korea obtained a loan to purchase the building.  They live very basically and when the team visited we were really confronted by their needs.  We found the 9 boys sleeping on a double bed wooden base with no bedding.  Of course the girls would be so happy to get a new item also.

Through Illawarra Rotary Sunrise, Glenhaven Rotary, Sydney, and Seaton Rotary, UK, we have been granted some finance to help with the water connection, medical and dental, building, but they do not finance private items like the deaf and blind dormitory.  Also the team have carried out some fundraising activities to finance items.


Our itinerary also includes visits to an orphanage for abused and abandoned girls and another home for elderly folk.  We have been given 40 beautiful knitted blankets which we will donate.  Also we have 150 knitted jumpers for babies at the hospitals.

Hoping this up-date is of interest to those families and friends who have been supportive.


The team depart on 29th January 2017 and return on 12th February.  We would appreciate your prayers for health and safety.  With the Lord’s help, Myra our team leader, has overcome her health issues and treatments and always keeps on faithfully serving the Lord.

Blessings & kind regards,

John & Margaret Bilboe