This is Glenda’s 42nd year working in the area of Disability Services and gave an interesting account of in her early years, there were no graduate /postgraduate options available, the closest was a course for ‘Mental Disorders” and she remembers well her posting at Marsden Psychiatric Centre.
In 1975 the ‘Girl from Bundeena’ was there when Community Health was born and Interchange began as a local boutique company. They now have 150 workers and volunteers but still maintain that their motto is to “BE BETTER NOT BIGGER”
Their services are as extensive as is their imagination. If it gives respite to carers or can provided improvised skills for their clients to better manage life skills then, they provide it.
They are now organising a CRUISE SHIP holiday with 15 cabins booked and of course additional cabins for volunteer carers and support staff and with the help of a very supportive Travel Agent.
Glenda then outlined exactly what the NDIS will mean for the future. It most certainly is the Reform that was essential. 1st July 2017 and it will commence in the Illawarra Region. It is a most welcome Reform for Glenda and Interchange, the current system is broken, defunct, unmanageable and unfair.  The flexibility and custom made options with the NDIS is very much the key to the changes.
We thank Glenda so much for a most informative address.

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