Club Member Feedback

An action of the membership meeting on Tuesday October 19th was to solicit members views of various aspects of our club with a view to finding out what current members think about the Sunrise Club so that we remain relevant to current members and hopefully create an environment to attract new members.

To this end the plan is to conduct regular membership polls. Each poll will run for a month and the results will be presented and discussed at the following Club Assembly. To get the ball rolling we have chosen a simple question.

How frequently should our club meet?

As you will see below there are three options to choose from.


Please note:

  • Only registered members can vote and you MUST be logged into the site for the vote to register
  • You can only vote once
  • The poll expires 12:00 pm of November 17th
  • The results of the poll are intended as a trigger for discussion and are certainly not binding

If you would like some help in using the site, logging in etc then please do not hesitate to ask

You can use the poll in this post to vote if you want to!