Minutes of 14th October

President Peter displayed his burgeoning skills with technology with a screen display of upcoming events as background to our breakfasting – great idea. Perhaps we can have some soft background music to accompany the calendar for the next development – wow- now that would be something!  Up on the screen were also “Pearls of Wisdom” from Bob Laing and one in particular was “The Senager” (a Senior Teenager)…worth a read.

OCTOBER DATES to remember
Wed 19th : Board Meeting 6.00 for 6.15pm
Wed 26th : TAFE Halloween Dinner
Thu 27th   : RACE DAY Meeting at Elaine’s
Sat 12th NOV : RACE DAY


John B
John has packed another 35 boxes of computers off to the Philippines and it seems Margaret has put a (temporary?)  stop to “Divorce Proceedings” because she can now put her car back in the garage. So this Saturday (along with another 20 boxes from Glenhaven) will be fare welled into their container. It was enlightening to hear that John is also a cost-effective and sustainable exporter extraordinaire. Why?
When John first began his transport of ‘unloved computers’  from the corporate sector he was asked what the costs would be to transport them to the Philippines and stated it was $100 per box and so a wonderful benefactor said that the cost would be “taken care of”… however rather than use packaging or bubble wrap to protect the valuable goods, he has used clothing, blankets and toys ( and anything else he can commandeer) to use up the space.

Was won by Bill Wessell ( only because Edith wasn’t there)

Apologies Rob Edwards, Stephen Swan, Brian Ashe, Di North, Edith & Ian Wilson.