Guest Speaker : John Montagner



As President Peter introduced in his report, John Montagner is no doubt an Adventure Traveller. His kind of holiday was not quite what most of the breakfast audience were accustomed to, walking 25kms per day, often for 33 days or even 100 days. Armed with a backpack that is usually 1/7th of your body weight, toilet habits controlled by signage stating “no shitting” ( or did it mean “sitting”) here, and blister stories that you could relate for decades, we were in awe that John not only does these walks but enjoys them also.
There were many tips however,  from our Adventurer for those who were shaking their heads just thinking about the experience.
♦You can catch a bus, especially through the boring bits
♦Luggage can be sent ahead to the evening’s accommodation
♦Every village passed through had a water fountain so no problems with hydration
♦Meals provided in the local villages were fantastic and yes there was wine.
♦The countryside and locals in the villages are magnificent.
♦Accommodation costs a donation of €10 ( or €30 in private facilities).

Unfortunately there was no time to look at John’s fabulous photos of his trek and so it was unanimously accepted that he come back again with more time allocated and just to start thinking about it, the major “camino” is 800kms and at any given September  over 30,000 walkers are on the road.
Pics: John with the camino map behind him and the certificate received on completion.

20161014_081322      20161014_082932



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