Presidents Report for 14 Oct Meeting


Members and friends of Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise are great people. Three events took place this week; each event was enthusiastically supported along with fun. So what happened?
A newsletter sub-committee meeting was held on Tuesday night 4th October. You will see a little change in the delivery of the newsletter. Presently, it comes as an attachment to an email. In the future it will be the email. The difference being is in the future you do not have to click an attachment, just read the email. The newsletter will still continue each week.
Club Meeting on Friday where our guest speaker was Tom Hunt. Tom told us about his family living in Oak Flats on the shore of Lake Illawarra for some 13 years. He had heard about the potential sea level rise and since they were now living just a few metres above sea level Tom figured he would do some reading on the subject of climate change to see what the real story was.
Tom explained that he was fascinated by the facts he learned from encyclopaedias and scientific papers about the history of our planet. How big the changes have been to life on Earth over millions of years. Tom was impressed by just how stable our climate has been over the last 8,000 years since the “dawn of civilisation”. In comparison to other periods, this last 8,000 years has been very kind to mankind it seems.
There is a fair deal of controversy about climate change, but a lot of conflicting information being bandied about every day in the media. There are passionate people telling very compelling stories on the subject from all sorts of viewpoints. Tom seeks to clarify things with some simple basics.
Tom used a big glass container filled with a measured amount of water. Using ink droplets which volume was also known. Tom portrayed via the ink how much carbon was in the atmosphere 8,000 years ago. Tom added a few drops more to reflect the amount of carbon is in the atmosphere today.
Tom explained, this additional carbon in today’s atmosphere is what is causing the rise in temperature and therefore a rise in sea levels.
Christmas Raffle was well supported at each of the two days I attended. PP Tony had our little Gazebo along with the banners well organised. The whole three days were well organised and the results are a testimony to this.
I enjoyed the fellowship of my fellow Rotarians during my stint at selling the raffle tickets. I was also grateful to our community that were so willing to support us with the purchase of the raffle tickets.
Do not forget our Race Day committee meeting this Thursday 13th at Bernie’s home

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