Minutes of Fri 7 Oct Meeting



Today was HAT DAY, in support of Mental Illness and most of our members were resplendent in quality headwear, however, some members came in wigs, which was of course not an acceptable “hat”, others resorted to stealing other members cycling helmets, using paper napkins from the table and one has to single out the President, who came in a combined dreadlocks wig with a strange bonnet attachment. However money raised was for a great cause.


Christmas Raffle
Today is the 1st Day of the Christmas Raffle with tickets to be sold at the Book Market. Members are reminded to Pick up the folder (which contains absolutely everything you need to know) at start of each day, leave $20 float at end of day and return remainder of money collected at the next Rotary Meeting.
TAFE Halloween Dinner
50 are now going, $35 pp and money can be paid at Breakfast Meetings.


  • Don’t forget to fill out lists for Volunteer Hours
  • Honeywell Engineering Summer School is inviting candidates to attend. It was reported that there will be a candidate from St Mary’s
  • In the District Governor’s Report, ideas are being sought on how to celebrate District’s 100th
  • 22 Nov at 8.50 there will be a “WEBinar” on Rotary Retention.

The previous postponed ‘Membership Meeting’ will now take place on Tue 18 Oct chez Rowan @ 7pm. BBQ as usual.
On the 14th there will be a  “SOLAR” dance at Corrimal Surf Club. $22pp

Thursday will be a Race Meeting at Bernie’s.

Chris & Bill’s Holiday Highlights

The holiday was mainly to see family, but they did catch up with former Exchange Students, however when driving through Europe with their trusted GPS device all was smooth-driving until they hit Czechoslovakia, which was not covered in their Western Europe Maps so 5 days were tackled with no language or navigation support.


Was won by Edith (again)


Apologies : Rob Edwards, David Swan, Brian Ashe, Elaine de Vries, Di North, Bernie McNamara
Visiting Rotarians : Yvonne Walker
Rotary Friends : Betty Hassen
Visitors : Matty
Guest Speaker: TOM HUNT from UOW : Project Management.

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