Guest Speaker 7.10.16 TOM HUNT



Tom is not an unknown to Rotary having been President of Rotary Clubs in the past and even earlier a Rotaract member. He is now based at UOW in the field of Project Management and spoke with us today about the Climate Change debate. He addressed his audience with a show of hands of who was a climate change advocate and it seemed to be a 50/50 response.

His ‘Interest” in the CC debate began quite recently, only 10 years ago when he moved into his house on the lake at Oak Flats. Prior to that he admitted that his research was usually what based on media reports which were limited and not particularly front page news.

Tom made reference to 3 key factors that has brought him to his current view:
The past 10-15 years have been the hottest since records were kept.
Sea levels are now fluctuating with 120m lowering rates and 70m higher rates so sea levels are changing In Iceland research has demonstrated that drilling through ice layers, chemical changes are considerable changed compared to now and measurements dated at 600,000 years ago.

And then he demonstrated the Carbon Issue with a flagon of water and 5 drops of ink as a model of the effects of black carbon in the sea.
In our atmosphere today we are pumping 280parts carbon /1million parts water into the atmosphere.  Last year was the greatest amount of carbon in the sea. The drops ink/ water that he is going to pour into the flagon is a lower % than that of our atmosphere.


This ‘black blanket” is heating up every part of our planet and Tom cares.  He also assured us that rather than emit 2% carbon with every litre of petrol used, he came to the Rotary Meeting in his Electric Car.
Thank you Tom.

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