Presidents Report – 18th to 24th September


This week was a little slower in pace as far as the number of activities for Rotary and our Club goes. This slower pace gave me an opportunity to contact our Friends of Rotary and to give them an overview of our upcoming events.  It’s important to keep our contact with these folk as well as those who are club members.

Wednesday night was the club board meeting held at Shellharbour Village.  The meeting gave us time to go through the program of upcoming activities.  Rowan has started with his contacts to members and friends of Rotary, to keep a personal contact going with our members.

John gave an update of the Philippine building and medical mission.  John outlined the budget and the expenses tied in.  As we know some of the budget for the Philippines trip comes from our Race Day at Kembla Grange on the 12th November.

To date we only have 3 sponsors out of 8 needed.  In the past we have had 5 sponsors.  To have 3 sponsors leaves a financial gap.  This could affect the projects tied into the Race Day.  We have asked for a matching district grant, yet to hear how we faired with this application.

Brian reported that the speakers program was progressing well and Peter Hill is well organised with future speakers.  It was decided by the board to have a club member per month to speak at the club meeting.  To share our interests and give a little bit more appreciation of how talented we are.

Michael has laid out and developed a little change in our newsletter.  For the next month you will see this report in two different layouts.  Firstly, Betty will continue to do the newsletter and send it out to members and to our friends as an attachment in an email.

Secondly you will receive the newsletter as an email; this email will have a brief part of an item which will give an introduction.  You can click on the link at the bottom of the report and you will be taken to our webpage where you finish reading the newsletter article.

The plan is to have all of our narratives online.  This will allow for easy to find articles and events.  Can be accessed anywhere in the world wide, web.  This coming Friday, District Governor Stephen Humphreys and his wife Judith will be at our club meeting.  Both will be our guest speakers.

Thank you to all who support PP Tony McAdam with selling raffle tickets at Lifeline Book fair on the 7th, 8th and 9th October at Berkley.  Please book your table and/or seats for our Race Day as this will help with our planning.

This Thursday night at 6:00pm is the Race Day committee meeting at Bernadette’s home, Port Kembla. Oh, if you do not know where Bernie live’s in Port Kembla, look on our web site under the members heading.  Hover with mouse over member until a drop down box appears.  Move cursor down to members detail and double click, how easy is that.

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