Rotary Presidential Report 16 -23 September

Today is a new experience as I complete this report on my mobile phone, with my one finger
and wrong spelling by pressing the wrong key. All is possible. This week two events have taken place. First, John Bilboe organised a committee meeting regarding our mission to Bacolod, Philippines. The meeting took place at the Fraternity Club, in attendance was
President Carlo and PP Larry from the Rotary Club of Metro Bacolod and several members from the Rotary Club of Glenhaven. Discussion centred on two aspects of the mission to the blind community at Mansilingan, Bacolod. The water purification treatment and Dental treatment.
Our partners explained the water purification was not that big an issue, connection of the water supply to the various dwellings within the blind community was. Discussion centred on benefits of connecting to the main water supply line or drilling a well. The cost benefit ratio lent the discussion towards connecting the dwellings within the blind community.
Second discussion was Dental. Dr John outlined his requirements 500 people, for the first week. Another 500 people for the second week. Question is whether to take the drugs that are required with us on board as part of our luggage, ship them across in boxes or if possible purchase the drugs over there in the Philippines.
Friday’s club meeting was a full meeting. Our guests from Rotary Club Metro Bacolod and Myra
from Rotary Club of Glenhaven were present.

Our guest speaker and fellow Rotarian was Rob Edwards from It’s Time Foundation. As you read from Brian’s minutes, Rob is active in Fiji and connecting communities with sustainable energy. Rob is doing such great work in Fiji, well done Rob and thank you for sharing your
work with us.Next week’s meeting is a club assembly. There is a need for volunteers for Lifeline Book Fair and bookings for tables at our Race day.