Minutes of Rotary meeting 16 September 2016


Apologies; Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Wyn Janssen, Elaine de Vries

Extended Leave; Betsy Lilley, Carol Jeffs,

Guests; Malou Bermejo

Visiting Rotarians; Myra Hegarty (Glenhaven Rotary) PP Carlo De la Cruz, PP Jake Dumapi,
IPP Ed Bermejo (Bacolod Rotary)

International Toast: No International Toast was proposed

Peter reminded us about the TAFE dinner for Halloween Please think about coming in theme attire. This Wednesday is Board meeting. This will be held at Peter Rixon’s home, starting at 6.00pm and all are welcome. As Lee has moved to Young there is now a vacancy on the Board for a Director of Community Services and President Elect to be filled.
Ian Wilson spoke of attending Interact and this was there Change Over Meeting. The club meets every 2 weeks and has about 70 members. There is more history of this interact club at the end of the minutes.
Peter invited the President of Rotary Bacolod, Carlos De la Cruz, to come forward to exchange banners and to tell us a little of his club and what they are doing out here in Australia. Carlos told us that his club was very involved with 3 Interact clubs and 2 Rotaract clubs in his area. Interact has about 100 member and are doing well All looks good for the future. These delegates have come to help with the fundraising that will go forward to assist their area when some of our members go over to the Philippines. Glenhaven had their “Swing Into Spring” event and raised about $5,500.00. Carlos thanked the members of our club for the help given over a long period of time and the friendships that have been made.
Tony then raised the Christmas raffle and that it starts to sell tickets at the Book Fair on 6, 7 and 8 October 2016.

Ian Wilson gave me this information from the Interact Club of St. Mary’s, which was read, by Mrs Guillaume, at their changeover meeting.
INTERACT was the idea of RI President Harold T Thomas in 1960. He wanted to tap the potential of young people. He urged Rotary Clubs around the world to find ways to encourage service, foster an active interest in the community among this group of young people. He also felt this was a great opportunity to develop leaders to go onto greater things.

In 1962 the first INTERACT Club was formed with 23 students at a high school in Florida. From these humble beginnings there are now 14,305 INTERACT Clubs around the world with 329,210 members as of early 2014. District 9675 has 11 INTERACT Clubs.

Thousands of communities around the world have benefited from the services of INTERACT Clubs. Interactors themselves have discovered a programme that offers fun while engaging in fundraising and meaningful service activities. It also provides a chance to develop leadership skills andmeet new friends. This club has also initiated many new projects.

Because INTERACT Clubs are sponsored by their local Rotary Club there is a direct link with the school which is a great benefit when looking for candidates for the other youth programmes like RYPEN, MUNA, Youth Exchange, Citizenship Awards, Science Forums and later RYLA. The attendance of a Rotarian at each of their meetings gives an insight into the wonderful attributes of today’s young people.

To quote from the RI website: It all starts with INTERACT

Today’s young people will become tomorrow’s parents, professionals and business and community leaders. With the help of programmes like INTERACT, students can gain the tools and skills necessary for developing into responsible, productive members of society. The Interact programme can instil life skills that members can share with others for generations to come.

There is an enormous potential in our young people and this has been demonstrated here many times in our INTERACT Club. Congratulations on another very successful year – I am proud to be part of such a vibrant, enthusiastic and successful club. You certainly are young people creating positive change.

Tamzen Penrose and Mia Lock

Gabriella Cesare

Isabelle Carolan and Kiandra Kaiser

Laura Brodnik

(W/team of Demi Goddard, Amelia McGrath and Vanessa Jonovska)

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