Rotary Presidential Report – 4th to the 10th September 2016


A busy week, as there were a number of club Sunrise subcommittee meetings, plus an enjoyable social event.

Christmas Raffle Committee

Monday was Publicity Officer Tony’s Christmas raffle meeting at the Novotel Hotel.  A well organised meeting which took less than 1 hour.  There were two visitors in attendance, Geoff Hunt representing the Acoustic Rifle Association for the blind and Deb X representing the Cringila Public School Vegetable garden.

Tony has organised great prizes for this year’s Christmas raffle and Tony will have the minutes of this meeting out shortly.  Please read the minutes as the dates and locations are laid out. Please give careful consideration as to which times you can slot into.  The Christmas raffle starts with the annual Lifeline Book Fair October 7th, 8th and 9th.  That is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thank you Tony and all members who attended.

Membership committee

The first meeting started off with a BBQ at Director of Membership Rowan’s home.  Rowan asked for people to come with great ideas and a sense of humour.  Great ideas and humour abounded.  Rowans minutes are on web site follow the link

The next meeting in October is to be confirmed, probably a Tuesday evening.  It will be another BBQ and this time the Club President better remember to bring his bottle of red wine.  Thank you to Rowan and all members who attended.

Philippines meeting

Our regular Friday meeting was attended by visiting Rotary members from Rotary Club of Glenhaven.  Their attendance was partly due to the upcoming Philippines meeting late January 2017.  Myra reported that the annual ‘Swing into Spring’ was to be held on the 10th of September.  The event will have dancing and lucky door prizes.

Myra also reported that President Caro Carlo Dela Cruz and immediate past President Larry Kilayko from Rotary Club Metro Bacolod flew from the Philippines to attend this event as well.  Whilst the two fellow Rotarians are here in Australia John B, John P and I will meet them on Monday 12th September as part of our planning for the medical mission.

Wharf Review

A number of our club members went for dinner at the Thai Carnation, great time of fellowship.  It was a final time to say goodbye to Lee Furness and Bob as they transfer to Young.

The evening at the Wharf Review was humorous with much laughter throughout the evening.  They say laughter is a good medicine and the different skits that where presented contained the relevant satire of our political leaders in action.

Have a great week

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