A powerful force comprising Isla, Michael, Di  and David North and their granddaughter Charlie, Mark Hampton, Peter Hill and Rowan ventured to the wilds surrounding Puckeys Lagoon on Sunday 11th Sept to help the Council with their Spring Cleanup.

At this point I am still waiting for photos, so you will just have to imagine the huge piles of rubbish we collected (actually, we did make a serious hit on a couple of areas).

Highlights included:

Puckeys itself is cleaner than it used to be – great for Wollongong.

Marks squeezing the time in even though he had to open up shop – WELL DONE MARK

President Peter accidently missing the actual cleanup (bad luck Peter, I could see the disappointment written on your face) but selflessly joining the team at Mudcat anyway afterwards

Michael and Isla knowing exactly where the sand dune party spots were

The extended North family in action, with David  bravely offering advice and guidance to Charlie from the security of the Puckeys walkway

Discovering the secret meeting place of the Wollongong Tawny Port Appreciation Society just NW of the bridge.

Inventing a new aquatic Olympic sport – “shopping trolley mudpulling” (or –  if you prefer –  “muddy  shoptrolley pulling”) (David again in action in this photo)


Thanks to the whole team for your sterling work. It has not gone unnoticed. Mayor Bradbery himself (or at least his emissary Julie Cherry) said “thanks guys you’ve done a great job!”

(I just put “shock” in the title to add interest)

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