Presidents report – 28th August to 3rd September, 2016

Interact Meeting

Our Interact students are fantastic, at their last meeting I asked for volunteers to assist us with our race day function at Kembla Grange on the 12th November.  Six expressed an interest to assist us with the different activities on the day. Our Interact students are an enthusiastic group as they raised approximately $700.00 dollars for their project in Africa from their Murder Mystery Night.

At present the Interact students are holding their elections for president.  Two interesting points are that they conduct their election on line and they have two Presidents.  The 15th of September will be their change over and they asked me to attend.  Whilst at the meet 4 new members were given their Interact badges, both Edith and I had the pleasure to handout the badges.

Vocational Visit

Last Friday was our 2nd vocational visit for the Rotary year.  We were hosted by Graham Gould from Lifeline.  As we know, part of our Christmas raffle goes to Lifeline and during one of the three sessions there were about 20 Rotarians divided into 3 groups.

Graham gave a description of the project he has in mind.  Graham describes this project of piloting focus groups at business sites.  To help support people in need at the workplace as they journey through their crisis

In another session we heard about the training for new support workers which begins with three months’ preparation in emotional literacy, followed by a yearlong probation on the phones, where new recruits are supervised until they earn accreditation.

The last session we stood in the open area where the councillors took the call from people in crisis.  Our group leader said “You’ve got to be a real person,” as “people are really pouring out their lives to you. Often you’re the only person who someone will tell that they are in crisis to.”

“What we read into that is, mental health and suicide are becoming issues that affect more and more people, so more and more people are looking for ways to help and contribute.”  Well done to Graham Gould and the people who volunteer as phone councillors.

Lifeline 13 11 14

After our vocational visit to Lifeline we had a pre booked breakfast at Sopranos on the mall.  Despite the poor weather it was a fabulous morning.  Lifeline provide a valuable service for our community and are worthy of our support.