Presidents report 21st to 27 August, 2016


Presidents report 21st to 27th August, 2016

A little bit slower in pace this week, Thursday night was our Race Day committee meeting at Elaine De Vries home.  The table sales are selling so please remember to book early for your place at a table or book a table for your friends and work colleagues.  It is a great day of entertainment.

It is a hard market to capture sponsors for our Race Day and unfortunately, a couple of sponsors who said that they would have not materialised for this year.  This leaves us with 3 sponsors for the day.  This is a great opportunity for us as a club to come up with alternatives for sponsors.

There is a need for prizes and the best way to help is to give money to Elaine De Vries for the purchase of prizes.  Several of the committee members will purchase prizes for our balloon raffle and auctions.  There will be a need for several club members to act as scrutineers as Tony does the auction.

Friday the 2nd of September is our vocational visit to Lifeline in Court Lane, just behind Wesley Church (Church on the Mall).  We need to be at Lifeline by 7:00am.  This will be followed by breakfast at Sopranos on the Mall.  Breakfast menu is available from me if you have not made a selection from the breakfast menu.

The following are 8 tips for improving Rotary Club Membership.  From different literature I have read via Google etc.  Look forward to constructive suggestions.

  1. Organise interest meetings,
  2. Meeting structure,
  3. How and where to talk about Rotary,
  4. Our club dues,
  5. Alternatives to weekly attendance,
  6. Social events,
  7. Involve young members,
  8. Family friendly projects and activities.

Denied membership in a Rotary Club because he was an actor, star Victor Mature is reported to have said “Hell, Im no actor, and Ive got thirty movies to prove it!”.

Thank you Victor.

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