Mike Nelson of Belgium


Martin’s final weekend of scuba diving had its enjoyments and frustration. The first dive on Saturday morning started well, conditions were perfect, bright sunny day with warm atmospheric temperature. Dive site was at Bass Point, ‘The Gravel Loader’. The 9 student divers diving to a depth of 16 metres, water temperature of 21°C, visibility of 25 metres, that is good diving conditions.
Martin practiced cramp removal, tired diver tow, compass technique and removing of BCD and air cylinder and replacing. Martin’s second dive was aborted as he could not equalise his left ear. Later he practiced the Valsalva Manoeuvre which was successfully employed the next day. Sunday, both dives went well. Martin practiced buddy diving, controlling balance and manoeuvring around objects.
Martin got down to a maximum depth of 19.4 metres. During his 3 dives Martin saw 2 types of sharks, a blue groper, moray eel, little nemo’s and many other species of fish. The underwater landscape is varied with rocks that have cracks where octopuses, crabs and sea horses live and yes, spiders as well. Martin successfully completed the Open Water Course, well done Martin.

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