President’s Report –W/E MAY 13TH 2016


Last Saturday, along with Club members Di North, Peter Rixon and Bernadette McNamara, I attended the Annual District Assembly at Greystanes Public School. Apart from the fact that it was a top day of Rotary Education and catching up with friends, I actually visited the Suburb of Greystanes for the very 1st time !
As many of you would know that have attended a DA, there were a variety of Breakout sessions covering all aspects of Rotary.
I decided to attend the Vocational Service sessions on behalf of incoming Director Lee Furness, to find out what ideas and opportunities there are over the next 12months for all Club’s to consider in the way of projects. I’ll prepare a report for Lee to bring to the Club at a future meeting.
Can I also say that over the past 12 months , that every time I have been lucky enough to attend a Rotary event, whether it be a PET’S meeting, Rotary Leadership Institute course, Group F President’s meeting, District Conference or the Bi-Annual Canberra Conference , and now the District Assembly-I never fail to come away inspired and re-invigorated about my Rotary enjoyment and commitment, and can’t wait to get back to Wollongong and start to try and implement at Sunrise Rotary what I have learnt.

For all Club members, I do understand that we all lead busy lives, and we can be time poor , with weekend’s just so precious, however can I encourage ALL OF US, not just the incoming President and his or her Board, that if we can Spare just one Saturday during the next 12 months to attend a Rotary event, that it be the District Assembly on Saturday May 6th 2017! I promise you, no matter how long you have been a Rotarian, and how much you think you know about Rotary, you will return from the DA refreshed and enthused about your already terrific Sunrise Rotary commitment .
See you all Friday morning.

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  1. President Tony, it was my first time to visit Greystanes as well. The Rotarians from Holroyd supplied a good selection of foods for morning tea and lunch. The number of Rotarians I personally knew created a great start of fellowship for the day. I enjoyed the companionship with Bernie as we travelled together. I support your comments and encourage our club members to attend next year District Assembly, 6th May, 2017. This would be a great start for Lee as our incoming President for 17/18.

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