Minutes of Rotary meeting 29 April 2016


Apologies; David Swan, Ellen Hogarth, Di North

Extended Leave; Betsy Lilley, Carol Jeffs, Greg Murphy

Guests; Tiffany Gray, Tina Droll, Jan Twomey, Bruce Harris, Greg Boyd

Visiting Rotarians; Adrian Minjoot (Rotary Club of Klang, Malaysia), Hans Rupp, Liz Rupp, Myra Heggarty, Francis Bernabe, Les Strong, Demi Robinson, Keith McKay(All Rotary Club of Glenhaven) Rhys Gray, Yussuf Khalfani(Rotary Club of Harden)

International Toast: No International Toast was given.

Tony began the meeting by announcing that Swing into Wings was totally booked with 160 people attending. As well as the Roulettes there would be a number of Qantas Pilots and the Commodore and his wife from Albatross, Shoalhaven.
District Assembly is on at Greystaines Public School on Saturday 7 May 2016.
May 21 &22 is the date for the Rotary Leadership Course. There are 4 places for the District so if you are interested please contact Tony.
Isla is currently updating our membership list so has passed around a hard copy for members to put in any corrections or updates. This is a very difficult job so please help Isla to complete this task.
Lee requested some assistance from members to help set up the hanger for Swing into Wings. Help is required from about 4.00pm in the HARS Hanger.
Tina Droll then spoke about this being her last day in Illawarra and in doing so stated that she had a great time with her friends in Rotary as well as St. Mary’s school. Tina wants to return here soon.
Adrian Minjoot spoke about his club in Malaysia which meets at Lunch. He thought a Breakfast Club was a good idea, but he did not know of any in his country. His club has about 30 members and undertake tasks such as Portable Dialysis Clinics. Adrian is currently the President of the Rotary Club of Klang.

The raffle was won by Francis Barnabe who took home a bottle of wine.

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