Guest Speaker Greg Boyd



Our Guest speaker, Greg Boyd of Habitat for Humanity, was introduced by John Bilboe who gave some information and history about Greg and his coming to Habitat for Humanity.

Greg spoke of his earlier days as a footballer, playing Rugby, where he learnt about teamwork and this has helped him throughout life. The charter for Habitat for Humanity is Saving People and Preserving Houses. Greg then gave an anecdote about Preserving Houses where a house was almost completely trashed by her children and Habitat for Humanity moved in and restored the house. This woman who had almost lost faith in everything was turned around by this deed which returned hope and dignity to her life.
A 41 year old lady under severe disadvantage lost her house to fire, lost her husband to cancer and her son became involved with drugs. The lady had tattoos and was afraid to come forward for fear people would label her because of these tattoos. Habitat for Humanity became involved the lady was rehoused and the tattoos did not come into a the matter in any way.
Habitat for Humanity is a World Organisation and is the largest home builder in the world. Habitat has built over 60,000 houses for people, made available to them under a low interest loan and the payments from one house helps to build the next house. Greg has been seeking land to build house on but it has been a very difficult task. HFH & Knight family partnership has a parcel of land that they gave to Habitat and building of houses is about to begin. The houses will be for sale for some disadvantaged people at very low interest rate, which will enable some people to purchase that could not afford to buy a house before. Other homes will be sold at market value which will achieve two things, More money to build more houses and the mix of Market Value and assisted people will not create a slum type area.

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