President’s Report for w/e February 5th 2016


Last Friday, the Club enjoyed a Vocational visit to the House of Hope Food Barn at Warrawong. A more comprehensive report on the morning is in this week’s Newsletter.

But a few observations of my own on the work of the Food Barn.

Run for 10 years by Pastors Jeff and Gally Dakers , and led by the bubbly General Manager Lizzie Millar, this wonderful organisation turns no-one away in their time of need , whether it’s needing food to feed the family that night, or simply lending a hand or sympathetic ear to anyone who has fallen on hard times through a loss of a job or a relationship breakdown.

The work of the Food barn in helping families is truly amazing. All they ask for is a donation of $35 , but in return they’ll leave with around $135 worth of fresh food and groceries !!

Visits to places like House of Hope Food Barn, Denny Foundation or Warrawong Community Centre, should make us all realise the absolute vital part they each play in our community in ensuring that EVERYONE is entitled to be treated with dignity, fairly, with respect, without judging, and importantly with compassion, no matter what their situation. These Vocational visits to such centres are truly sobering.

What is the old saying ‘ there but for the grace of God , go I ‘.

See you all Friday morning at 7.15am.

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