BBQ at Fairy Meadow



Thanks to Brian Ashe, Betsy Lilley , Norm Miller along with Di North, Hubby David ,  and Tony McAdam who manned the 1st of our Monthly BBQ’s at Woolworths Fairy Meadow  last Saturday from 10am-2pm .

Despite a sumptuous menu of Steaks, eggs, Bacon and sausages, the humble ‘sausage sandwich’ proved the most popular. In total $207 was taken over the morning, which wasn’t a bad effort for our 1st attempt .

A big thank you to David Guillaume from Fairy Meadow RC for coming along and showing us the ropes. We have the BBQ on the 3rd Saturday of every calendar Month, with our next outing on Saturday February 20th .

The February Roster is on the Newsletter and website , and 2   more Club members are needed .

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