Philippines Project


This Project was registered with RAWCS in 2007.

RAWCS – Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd



    Project Statement: 13-2008-09



Community Support Program, Bacolod City, Philippines

·        To build and maintain relationships with the Metro Bacolod Rotary Club in providing assistance in Bacolod City and the surrounding district with assistance in building, medical, dental training and conducting a feeding program.

·        Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise
District 9675

·        Manager Rtn John Bilboe (H) 02 4271 8268  (M) 0417 236 574 Email:” >

·        Deputy Manager   Myra Castellano Hegarty  (M) 0412127289  Email:” >


The project involves sisterhood agreements with the Metro Bacolod Rotary Club of the Philippines District D3850 and the Glenhaven Rotary Club of District 9685.

Other support for the project is provided by Rotary Club of Seaton UK and District D1170 East Devon  and various donations from private donors.

A team of Rotarians and volunteers visit the Project area on a yearly basis usually around mid-January/February to assist in activities as per the project statement.

The team as varied in size from 8-20 and has been made up of both male & female with skills from general bods to Doctors, Dentists. Phycologists and skilled trades persons.

The team does not go on the project “to do” they go to assist and train if training is required.

Resourcing the projects comes from monetary donations made by the Rotary Clubs and Donors or donations in kind.

Donations can be made through an on-line portal via the RAWCS web-site and selecting the above project “13-2008-09 Philippines”



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