How to Create a Post

Posts on this website can be created by sending an email to :

Posting to email is a simple way for ALL members to share information. Posting to email is best with one or two images and of course a story.

Posts are a way of communicating to members and the public about what is happening in our club. Examples of posts are:

  • The weekly President’s report
  • Speaker presentations
  • Weekly minutes of meeting
  • Social communications

The website checks the above post box every 30 minutes and publishes any new posts into the website. A simple way to add a post.

However, ONLY club members can do this. If the email address is not recognised by the web site then the post will be rejected.

Here is how you can do it.

  1. Open you email software (gmail, outlook) and create a new email using the your registered Rotary contact email account
  2. Add the above email address to the “To” field
  3. In the subject line there are two steps
    1. Choose the Post Category. This is just a way to group Posts. At this stage there are four categories to choose from:
      1. Reports
      2. Minutes
      3. Social
      4. Event
    2. Start the Subject with the category followed by a colon eg Social:
    3. Now leave a space after the colon and add the title of your post so the subject line looks like Social: A Night at the Opera
  4. Add the contents of your post as you would an email. I found that if you are using a bullet or number list it looks better if you increase the initial indent.
  5. Insert picture(s) to go with your post. Pictures bring the post alive. Your first photo should be in landscape
  6. Press send
  7. Visit the site after 30 minutes or so and the post should be there

A couple of Do’s and Don’ts

  1. The email needs to be sent using HTML (not plain text) Most email are sent HTML particularly smart phones and tablets.
  2. The first image attached needs to be a landscape image. Subsequent images portrait should be all right. Heads tend to get cut off with Portrait!
  3. Don’t try and send large image files. The email will not send. If you have a number of images then the post should be created by importing those images to the web site. A topic for another day

That’s it